New Years Eve

By: Bella Preneta

            This New Years Eve, we took the train to Rowayton and spent the night at our friend Julia’s house. At first we didn’t really have any concrete plans, but on December 31st, we all wanted to do something together and for an impromptu party it was extremely fun. Staying up until midnight was not a problem, especially because of all the entertaining activities Julia came up with. We played some games, ate Chinese food, and watched the Rowayton town ball drop.


New Years Game

Pantyhose Bowling

             To play this game, we split up into two teams of five and played it as a relay race. The set up includes five water bottles placed in a line and a tennis ball placed at the end of a pair of tights.  The first person would the tights on their head, without covering their eyes, and try to knock down all their team’s water bottles, without using their hands. Then, as the next person gets the tights on their head, the previous person sets the water bottles back up again. The winning team is the first to have all of their players knock down the bottles.



Bella Preneta- Gold sparkly skirt (J.Crew, old), White v neck sweater (Banana Republic), Black Stretchy Belt (J. Crew), Brown Boots, Gold elephant bracelet (Lilly Pulitzer), Gold monogram necklace (Carried Away Jewelry)

Bella Secchiaroli- Black Sparkly Skirt (J.Crew), White cheers sweater (J.Crew), Pearl bracelet (KJP), Earrings (Brighton), Starfish necklace (Tiffany’s)



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