A Book Review on Anna and the French Kiss

Screen Shot 2016-01-23 at 1.55.37 PM.png

By: Bella Preneta

My all time most favorite book in the world! Anna and the French Kiss is a young adult romance novel, by Stephanie Perkins. It is about a girl named Anna Oliphant, from Atlanta, Georgia, who for her senior year in high school, has been sent to boarding school in Paris upon her father’s request. She is forced to leave behind her best friend, Bridget, possible love interest, Toph, and, of course, her younger brother, Sean. Anna thinks she is going to have the worst year of her life until she meets Meredith, her first friend in Paris, and Meredith’s friends, Rashmi and Josh and of course, Étienne St. Clair. Étienne, or St. Clair, as everyone calls him, was born in the United States, raised in England, and goes to school in Paris (which means he has a British accent ;-))He is described as being short, but I always picture him as tall, has a wicked charm and lots of girls have crushes on him throughout the book because of that and because he is very beautiful. Although Anna has a crush on Toph, she can’t help but like St. Clair. The only problem is that Meredith likes him and St. Clair has a girlfriend, Ellie. Throughout most of the book, St. Clair dates Ellie, however, since she’s in college he spends most of his time with Anna. As different things happen in the book, their relationship grows into something neither of them expected. This book may seem like a cliche romance novel, but I assure you it is not. I highly recommend this book. I have read it three times through fully and have enjoyed it more and more each time.




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