Birthday/Winter Wishlist


By: Bella Secchiaroli

Last week was my 15th birthday, and I decided to share some things not only on my birthday wish list but just a list of cute gifts and trending items in general this season!

S’well Water Bottles– I actually just order one of these and received it this week. I have never had or seen such a cool water bottle! They sell them in a ton of different colors and prints. I got “bikini pink”. Since having it I have never drank so much water in my life, I think the cool style of it is encouraging me to hydrate. Plus they keep things cold for up to 24 hours :-).

Anthropologie Mugs– I have been a little obsessive over these totally adorable mugs from Anthropologie. I especially love the travel mug (2nd row, right), they sell them in three different prints with different little inspirational phrases. They also have really cute monogram and icon mugs.

Pearl on a Cord Necklace– These are really becoming popular and although they are not something I would typically wear I think they are extremely simplistic yet very trendy. They go with pretty much anything and give an edgy addition to an outfit. Pearl on a Cord Necklaces are pretty inexpensive and they are many different providers on Etsy.

Lokai Bracelet– The purple Lokai bracelet just came up this week! I love it and cannot wait to get one. Also, a portion of the money made from the bracelets is given to research for Alzheimer’s disease.

Kiel James Patrick Atlantic Pearl Bracelet– I just received the navy version of this bracelet for Christmas. It is adorable and I wear it with just about everything. I would have definitely gone with the pink if it were out when I got mine. Kiel James Patrick is an up and coming company and I cannot wait to get another one of their products.

Shark Socks– Lately I have had a minor obsession with funky socks. Mostly because it is the season of boots and I can wear these in public without anyone seeing lol. Also they are overall pretty unique and fun. I have always had a thing for marine animals.


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