Up, Up and Away!

By: Bella Secchiaroli

Both of my grandparents live in Florida for part of the year and since this is the first year in a while where I have a whole week off in February, they sent me a plane ticket to go down and visit. Normally I would go in April with my brother but I couldn’t due to sports and he could not come down with me because winter is swimming season for boys. My grandparents on my mother’s side live in Naples, Florida where I am for half the trip and then my grandmother on my father’s side lives about 30 minutes south in Cape Coral. Here are some clothing, accessory, luggage and things to pack when going on a trip.


Clothing- It’s always tough to not over pack. Especially when you go on a trip and are not sure of what you will be doing. From personal experience, I suggest figuring out if you will have access to a washer because it makes all the difference. As I knew I had access, I did not have to bring too much clothing. I brought two dresses (one long sleeve and one short sleeve), white jeans, 3 pairs of nicer shorts and 2 of lounging shorts, then some solid tees to mix and match with shorts and some more formal tops. For shoes, I brought my Jack Rogers, a pair of casual Vineyard Vines flip flops and a pair of sneakers.


Accessories- Accessorizing when away from home can be troublesome because you most definitely are not able to take everything you’d like. That’s why I like to stick to a few staple items that I know I can wear with anything. For jewelry, I always bring a necklace or bracelet that I would wear on a regular basis and then an outside favorite piece that would go with at least 2 of my outfits. I stick with one pair of earrings and 2 standard colored headbands.


Luggage- this was my first time traveling completely alone (I did it two years previous with my brother). I did not want to have to check any bags so, it was easiest to have a suitcase that was carry-on size. Due to the fact that I brought a smaller suitcase I had to bring a larger carry-on. I stuck with my Vera Bradley backpack. It was not too big that it was annoying to carry around but not small enough where I could not fit anything. If you are concerned about not having a purse when you are away, I recommend bringing a Longchamp Bag because they fold up making it easy to put right in your suitcase.


Carry On- I put a variety of things in my carry-on not only to do on the plane but also random items that do not belong in my suitcase. Each I’m glad I packed because they kept me busy and I found them extremely useful.


– Laptop

– Headphones

– Chargers

– Books

– Schoolwork



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