Kate Spade New York Home Pop-Up Store in SoHo

By Bella Secchiaroli

Last week, Bella and I happen to be in New York looking for dresses for a dance when we stumbled upon the Kate Spade Home Décor pop-up store along West Broadway right in the heart of SoHo. I had known it was in the city somewhere but had not known it would be where we were! It was such serendipity :-). The store was everything you could’ve imagined. It honestly made me want to redecorate my entire room. Here is a look at the inside…

The room was set up like an apartment. Immediately, when we walked in there was a sign straight ahead stating “Make yourself a home”, which was the basic mantra of the whole line.


Personally, my favorite room was the bedroom. I especially loved the throw pillows, which were decorated with everything to books, black and white prints, to the Eiffel tower. The bedspread was simplistic but adorable as well as the lampshades

IMG_0930All the way towards the back of the store was the kitchen area. They had the most adorable table setting, themed black and white. Then towards the very back was more of the cooking area rather than dining. They had cooking utensils of all kinds and other plates with navy and black patterns. It was practically a picture perfect scene out of a Real Simple magazine.


The last section we walked over to on our way out was the living and office. They had all kinds of both classic and quirky picture frames. In addition, they had a perfect desk complete with all sorts of office supplies.IMG_0933We did not end up purchasing anything because it was waaaayyyyy out of our price range but it was a pleasant surprise to stumble upon and overall a really great time just to look around. As a plus, they were handing out free macaroons! Anyways, get down to SoHo if you can the store will only be there till the end of May!


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