Caribbean Vacation Essentials

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By: Bella Preneta
April vacation is only 3 weeks away! Usually my family’s “go-to” island vacation is St. John, but, this time, we are mixing it up and will be spending it in Antigua. Antigua is part of the country Antigua and Barbuda. It is located in the Leeward Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Seeing as though we will be leaving when it is 40 degrees in Connecticut and 85 degrees in Antigua, packing will be difficult. Here is a list of my packing essentials.

VV navy blue and pink shep shirt windbreaker- shirt windbreaker- Whether you wear this to the airport, or a windy day on the island, this is a lightweight and easy to pack, jacket.
3 inch J.Crew chino shorts- These shorts serve as an everyday necessity because most days, I will be wearing my bikini with shorts and a t-shirt as a cover up.
J.Crew v-neck t-shirts- This shirt just like the above shorts are an everyday necessity.
Lilly Pulitzer shorts- My favorite is the 3 inch walsh short. These shorts allow you to dress up a little while still being casual.
Jack Rogers- An everyday shoe!
Lilly Nadie Top-  A semi-dressy outfit, perfect for the island setting.
Jolyn Bikinis- Comfortable bikinis perfect for snorkeling and cool tan lines.
Ran Ban Aviators- These are my favorite sunglasses, but any pair of sunglasses is essential for the sun!
Eliza B. Flipflops- Great to go to the beach in.
KJP bracelet and pearl earrings- 2 pieces of jewelry that you can wear with any outfit to limit the amount of jewelry you pack.
GoPro Hero 4- Not a true necessity, but really fun to take underwater picture while snorkeling in the clear Caribbean water.
J. Crew beach cover up-  A necessity for the beach!
A hat- either vineyard vines, or a Smathers and Branson embroidered hat.





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