April STAYcation!

By Bella Secchiaroli

For everyone who did not go away over their April break, we all know it can get a little boring. I know for me, I always feel like I am wasting my days off from school sitting on the couch watching Netflix or doing something completely wasteful of time. However, this year I decided I would refrain from sitting home and make my break as eventful as possible! Here are a few ideas.


Go for a Hike// The weather has been consistently beautiful this week, which is practically unheard of for Connecticut. This is the perfect excuse for going outside and enjoying the fresh spring air while it lasts.

Take a Day Trip// Sometimes taking a trip to another town or even state is the closest you can get to a tropical vacation. Whether you take a trip to New York City or your neighboring town, pick out something fun and take a few friends along.

Dinner Date// Pick a night to get dressed up with friends and go out to dinner. It’s the perfect excuse to dress up fancier than usual and eat good food!

Movie Marathon// Okay, so this idea violates the whole sitting around thing a bit but if you’re feeling mellow this is the perfect plan. Choose three of your favorite movies, microwave some popcorn and enjoy.

Shopping Trip// My personal favorite, go to your favorite shopping area and see what you find. If you do not need anything, there’s no harm in trying something on or just browsing around.

Room Project// This one may seem a little cumbersome to people but I find when I have extra time around the house; I like to start a project for my room. Sometimes, it’s as small as moving the location of a piece of furniture to printing new pictures for my bulletin board.

Read a Book// Personally, I love to read! I never have time during the school year to read books that I choose and are not assigned by my teachers. When I have time off, I make a list of a few books I want to read and try to finish at least one of them!

What did you do over your spring break?


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