Summer Book List

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By: Bella Preneta
Beach Reads:
The Last Song// I have been on a Nicholas Sparks movie run lately, but have yet to read one of his books. The Last Song is one of my favorites (especially the soundtrack) so I am extremely excited to read the book!
Anna and the French Kiss// MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BOOK! Although, Bella Secchiaroli refuses to read this book because it’s a cheesy, predictable romance, I love it. It is definitely worth reading (500 times).
Something Borrowed// I have never read this book, but I’ve seen the movie. It is supposed to be good summer read with lots of drama and romance!
Heavier Reads:
The Nest// This book is definitely a heavy read! Usually, I don’t read this type of book, with an emotional plot, but this book receivedย good reviews and sometimes it is good to change it up a bit.
Me Before You// The movie adaptationย of this book just recently came out and I am dying to see it. I wanted to read the book before I see it, but I don’t know if I will be able to hold out that long!
The Sea of Tranquility// This book was recommended to me based on my interest in Me Before You. Although, it is supposed to be sad, I think it will be worth reading.
Summer Themed Books:
All of these books either take place in summer or on the beach. There is nothing like a good book to put you in the summer mood!
The Island// A typical beach read with lots of drama! Can’t wait to read it!
Summer Sisters// Another summer book! Good for a vacation or a book to read on the boat.
The Light Between Oceans// My mom read this book last summer and loved it!



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