June Favorites

By: Bella Preneta

As the month of June comes to an end, summer is one third over :(. Here are a few things that I’ve loved this summer so far.

KJP Bracelets// Both Bella and I love the KJP brand. I recently got this bracelet, Barrington Spinnaker. Bella got this one a few weeks ago, Audrey Scallop, and we both have had and love this Anchor Atlantic Pearl bracelet. You can wear all of these bracelets with pretty much anything. The pearls dress up your outfit a little bit, but the other two are perfect for any outfit.

Jolyn Bikinis// Although these are mainly practice bikinis for swimmers, I just love them so much and love wearing them to the beach or pool. My favorite is the printed vent top and the bali bottoms.

Summerland// I loved this book so much and read it in a matter of days. This is not usually the type of book I would read because it was pretty sad, however, I recommend to anyone who needs a good beach read.

Grace VanderWaal// I know this news is a few weeks old, but I love this song so much! It needs to be put on iTunes!!

COFFEE// In the past year, I have been drinking more coffee. Since, I often babysit in New Haven and have a few hours to kill before swim practice, I usually stop for some coffee at Blue State Coffee before I go to the gym. This isn’t the healthiest thing, especially with the amount of cream I add, but sometimes I can’t help myself! My favorite thing to get is simply a large iced coffee with a shot of caramel.

Camp Foxhawk// Camp Foxhawk is a summer internship run by KJP. Unfortunately, you can’t apply to the program before you are 18, but it is so much fun to follow the interns on instagram and follow what they have done so far. Here is the link for more information and some of my favorite instgrams.
@seangaleburke (no longer part of KJP, but still a fun instagram)


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