Block Island, RI

It’s been awhile since our last post, which could be viewed, as both positive and negative. It at least that we have a had a super busy summer so far. During the weekend of the fourth of July, Bella and I took the ferry out of Port Jefferson, RI to visit my grandmother staying in Block Island. We had a ton of fun. Here’s what we did on our adventure!



As both of us do not drive yet, getting to and from the island was a bit difficult to figure out. However, we found a way that would save our parents the drive. We took an 11:00 AM high-speed ferry out of Port Jefferson on Sunday and a traditional ferry at 4:00 PM on Monday night to New London. Conveniently, there is a train station right near the New London Ferry Terminal and we were able to take a train back home upon our arrival. For transportation on the island, we brought our bikes over on the ferry. Block Island is small enough that you can easily get around by foot or by bike. Between walking and biking, we got plenty of exercise during our trip.



When we got to the island, we went and grabbed lunch with my grandmother at a place called Rebecca’s right on main street! It was inexpensive and delicious. Then, Bella and I went off on our bikes to the Town Beach for an hour. When we were done with the beach we decided to go see Block Island’s Sacred Labyrinth. We could not find the Labyrinth and instead found the Clay Head Nature Trail. It was a lengthy but beautiful walk along cliffs over looking the shore of the island. Finally, at night we saw Block Island Fireworks and enjoyed ice cream from “The Ice Cream Place”.



We woke around 9 AM to find the pleasant surprise of Payne’s Killer Doughnuts on the front porch (highly recommended) and ventured into town to kick off the events for the fourth. My grandmother took us over to see the Labyrinth and the Mohegan Bluffs. After, Bella and I walked back and watched the Fourth of July parade. We attended a steak fry at the Fire Department. When it was close to heading back to the ferry, we squeezed in some time to shop. We both got different crewneck sweatshirts at the Star Department Store and stickers for our laptops. Although we did not buy anything else, we found the shop called “The Tipsy Mermaid” to be especially cute. We enjoyed a Del’s Lemonade with my grandmother and were off on the ferry by 4:00 PM.


Mohegan Bluffs


Sacred Labyrinth

We had so much in Block Island! Completely adorable little island with the friendliest people! I definitely recommend it for a short vacation this summer!


Special thanks to my grandmother 🙂

what did you do this fourth of July?



2 thoughts on “Block Island, RI

  1. that was a beautiful little write up and quite a tribute to Block Island; I think I’ll forward it to my friend. Rheba, who is a Block Island resident! Thanks Bella P and Bella S

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  2. I enjoyed reading your blog, Bellas, especially since I also like ” The Block” and would love to be there! Your grandmother, Bella S, is pretty special !
    Linda C.

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