Rainy City Day

By: Bella Preneta

Seeing as the end of summer is upon us, my friends and I want to fit as much into our schedule as we possibly can! Yesterday, we had a perfect day in the city. Although, it rained for about an hour, we made the best of it and the warm summer rain was kind of nice to walk in ;).
I took an 8:32 out of Milford. Unfortunately, Bella Secchiaroli wasn’t with us because she is at summer camp for 2 weeks! The train was off peak, but still very crowded. 3 of my other friends got on in East Norwalk and 1 in South Norwalk. We got to the city at 10:13. Our plan was to eat an early lunch at the Sugar Factory (in the Meatpacking District), so we had to make our way downtown. Our options were to either take the subway or uber/taxi. Since, we had never taken the subway alone before, we decided to take a chance and try it. We hopped on the number 4 subway to Union Square (14th street). Immediately from there, we got on the L train and got off at 8th ave. We only had to walk 0.2 miles to get to the Sugar Factory!

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I definitely recommend the Sugar Factory. It was so much fun to order fancy drinks and of course take pictures with them. The five of us each ordered a salad (some healthy before the sugar) and we got 2 extreme milkshakes and 1 chocolate martini for all of us share. At first we were skeptical that this wouldn’t be enough and were prepared to order another milkshake, but it was perfect! We also thought that this would be super expensive, but it was only about $30 per person.

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We stayed at lunch for about and hour and a half. The Highline walk was just across the street from the restaurant, so we went up there for about an hour. It was cool to take pictures with all the gardens and old railroads, until it started raining and we made our way to SoHo.


We only had to walk .4 miles to get to the stores. In SoHo, our first stop was at the Crocs store. I have been wanted a pair of Crocs and so had one of my other friends, so we both made the purchase. I got navy blue and Sydney Miller got hot pink. We got 4 β€œjibits” each. To be honest, Crocs really aren’t my style, but I can’t wait to wear them at high school swim meets. We went to a few more stores, all of us bought things at Brandy Melville, then we went to Lauduree and got macarons (my favorite).


We decided to take a taxi back to Grand Central because we were all so tired. All in all, good day! I 10/10 reccomend.

My Outfit: romper dress (urban outfitters), 4 pearl necklace, aviators (ran ban), cross body purse (coach), platinum jack rogers



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