Christmas Favorites

Patagonia Women’s Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover  // I have been eyeing one of these pullovers since last winter. I like how they are different from the classic Patagonia fleece and also find them slightly less casual. My only problem is there color selection, which I find so often with their brand. They offer a nice off-white color with navy as well as a green with turquoise.


Longchamp Le Pilage Backpack // While I feel that I have plenty of purses and crossbody bags, I do not have any formal backpacks. This backpack is the perfect size to carry my camera, wallet, and phone charger. It is a perfect bag for walking around the city.


Mermaid Tail Blanket // Definitely not as useful of a gift but just as fun, the Mermaid blanket is adorable. Perfect, for a snowy day or just a fun way to cozy up and watch a movie.


Swell Bottle // I already have 17 oz, but there are two other sizes of 25 oz and then 9 oz. While they seem overpriced, I cannot recommend them enough due to their insulation qualities. I put my ice water in my bottle in the morning and at the end of the day the water is still cold. I want the 9 oz for my tea and coffee.


Patagonia Women’s Los Gatos Fleece Vest // This is an extremely popular vest! It would become a staple in my closet and perfect for cold winters in New England. I love the unique texture of it and the contrast it creates on plain cloth.


What are you asking for this year?


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