Crepes and Ice Cream

New Haven, Connecticut has definitely become one of my favorite cities. It is small enough and close enough that some friends and I could decide last minute to take the 15 minute train ride from Milford. Whether it’s shopping or food, we can always find something to do for a few hours and head back home.

We came upon Crêpes Choupette a few weeks ago after someone had recommended it to us. It was a last minute decision, but I am so glad we went. It is a small cafe with a variety of drinks and sweet and savory crepes to choose from. Each of us got a coffee drink. Usually, I like my coffee very sweet and very light but, this mochaccino was an exception. 2 of us got savory crepes and 2 of us got sweet crepes, that way we could try everything. I would definitely recommend Place d’italie, a savory crepe.

I don’t know what I liked more, the atmosphere or the food. The waiters were extremely friendly and the  decorations were like an actual Parisian Creperie.

Another New Haven favorite is Arethusa Farm Dairy. I have gone here at least twice in the last 2 weeks. In addition, to serving relatively cheap ice cream, the ice cream is extremely rich and their flavors are to die for. I 10/10 recommend.

***There is also a new Donut Crazy on York Street near Toad’s Place!!!



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