Gilmore Girls Revival Review

Let me start off by saying, I am a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan. I have not been watching the show since the beginning (I was only 3 when the show came out) however this does not make me any less of a fan! I started watching it last winter, my personal favorite time to start a show because of Christmas break and many snow days! I am in love with all things Gilmore Girls and I believe a big reason for that is I relate with many aspects of the show. I live in Connecticut, I go to a private school and let’s be real, I often find myself drinking WAY too much coffee!! When I found out about the revival Netflix was creating, I was over the moon! I absolutley hated how the show ended and could not wait for it to come out. While I thought I would sit home all day on Friday and watch it, I was cosumed by Black Friday shopping and other holiday activites. I was able to finish it within two days and once I finished, I continually wished it was longer. If you have not finished watching yet, STOP HERE!img_0188

First off, I really did throughouly enjoy how they split the 4 episodes up. I feel that the four different seasons was fitting, especially because the setting is New England where the seasons are most distinct. In Rory’s life, I found a great amount of irony compared to her childhood and early adulthood years. She was well off but nothing was steady. She did not have her own home. She did not have a permeanent job. She had mutiple boyfriends. I found this very unlike Rory because she had always been type A, perfectionist.

As for Lorelai, her relationship with her mother is I feel the rockiest it has ever been. While although her relationship with Luke is exactly how it was left off, I thought it was good. I was usually not a huge fan of Emily Gilmore. In these short episodes, I grew to love her. I loved how her husband’s death made her react. She went against all that she knew (the DAR, her house, the club). While the show has always been mainly about the relationship between Lorelai and Rory, I felt like the revival incorporated and presented the three generations of “Gilmore Girls” much more.

Now probably one of my favorite aspects of the show, Rory’s love life. I was never really a fan of Dean. I think he was TOO nice and TOO kind to Rory. I liked the way the producers were able to incorporate him into the show. Jess, his role was absolutley perfect! He gave Rory inspiration and in the end I think, the book of her and her mother’s story was the best on to tell. I have always been a major Jess fan but the revival has changed my alliances. Logan was a huge part of this show. Rory stays with him whenever she is in London and when she is in a really bad rutt, Logan and his friends bring her out for some fun. The only turn off for me about Logan would be his unwillingness to turn against his family to follow his love for Rory. It is clear that Logan is in love with her even though he is engaged.

Finally, the last four words. I loved the ending, especially Lorelai’s. It was always supposed to be her and Luke and the wedding was absolutley beautiful. Rory’s last words, however, were a complete game changer. The producers definitely did there job if they wanted people asking for more. In this revival, you see an extreme parallel from Lorelai’s to Rory’s life. Rory will most likely raise this child on her own and you also see a rocky pattern between the mother daughter relationship. Overall, I LOVED the revival. I think it can beΒ hard for something like this to be done for a TV show in the right way and I believe Netflix pulled it off wonderfully!

If you want a better explanation of the ending I suggests this article:

Let’s Talk About That <i>Gilmore Girls</i> Ending

Let me know your thoughts on the revival!


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