Secret Santa

As of this past Friday, Bella and I were finally on Christmas break!!! It was a long stretch but we made it. Instead of getting gifts for each of our friends, we decided to do a Secret Santa exchange. We planned it in advance, that way everyone had a good amount of time to shop. Rather than picking names out of a hat and going through the trouble of having to carefully ask your person questions to see what they wanted we used an online system called “Draw Names”. We just had to input all participants’ names and emails and we each got sent a name. To make it easier for the person who picked us, we each made a list. The website even gave us recommendations for our lists! We decided not to set a budget, which ended up being a good decision and worked out just fine. All eleven of us exchanged gifts this past Thursday. We went around and guessed who had us and then eventually got our gifts.


I always believe, at least going off of what I like to receive that it is best to do many small things rather then one really nice thing. I gave my person a phone case, eyebrow makeup kit, a Be Kind Choker, Scrunchies and a New York City Starbucks Travel Mug


Bella Preneta went the opposite route of me and gave two bigger gifts rather than many small gifts. She gave a Kate Spade Bag, and Firefly Lights.


A gift exchange or Secret Santa is a great way to get gifts for friends. It is a lot of fun and you can realy focus on getting a great gift for that one person rather than worrying about many friends to find gifts for!


            How are you exchanging gifts with your friends this Christmas?


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