How to be Stress Free

By: Bella Preneta
During a busy week at school or home, I tend to get myself worked up and stressed out very easily. However, there are always some things that help to relieve the stress and make me feel more relaxed.

  1. Making a list// Even if I only have a few things to do, making lists on a sticky note or my planner always help to put things into perspective. Usually, it helps to check things off once you’ve done them, but if you don’t it’s always just good to know exactly what you have to do.
  2. Exercise// Some may find it easier just to skip their daily workout if they have a lot going on and sometimes I agree with this. However, I always find that doing exercise calms me down and makes me feel less stressed.
  3. Listen to music// Bella Secchiaroli has a Spotify playlist, called Stressed, that I always listen to for some relaxing tunes. Sometimes music distracts me so I’ll only listen to it for a little while, but this playlist is really good for that.
  4. Drink water// I know this sounds a little out there and I’m not sure if there are any scientific facts behind this, but I always find that if I’m dehydrated or haven’t been drinking enough water, I am more likely to be stressed. Most of the time, even just drinking a single glass of water helps!
  5. Get a good night sleep// When you have a big test or presentation the next day, and you’ve been preparingΒ as much as you can, sometimes it’s best to just go to bed and get a good night sleep. I usually like to prepare for tests a few days in advance so the night before I can just review and get a good night sleep. I always do worse when I’m tired.

Hopefully this has been helpful, let us know your tricks for living stress free…


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