Why I Love New England

By Bella Secchiaroli

I can admit I complain nonstop about where I live. My most frequent complaints are the weather, there is nothing to do and it is no fun. In many ways, I am completely correct but from another perspective I am absolutely wrong. After my travels to the Midwest (New Mexico), I realized I am truly an East Coaster, if not more specifically, a New Englander at heart. Granted I have never traveled all the way to the West Coast, so I will update you on my feelings of New England after that, but for now here are my top reasons for my love of this region.


Weather   Now as I said before weather was one of my top complaints but it is also one of my loves about New England. We are the only region that fully experiences the four seasons and I have grown to appreciate it over time. I love the way we get a little bit of everything. Summer is my favorite season and as a result I love spring because it means summer is right around the corner. I also love autumn, mostly for the food, drinks (Pumpkin Spice Latte) and activities (apple picking, Halloween). As for winter, I don’t think anyone will ever hear me complain about a snow day which is just an excuse to stay in your pajamas all day and watch TV!


Cities   This relates more specifically to Connecticut but is true from any state in New England that we live very close to two major cities, Boston and New York City. Personally, I see this as a MAJOR perk! We get the best of both worlds by living in a suburban or rural area but also having easy access to the cities as they are both a little over than an hour away.

Schools  Another thing that is great about New England is the schools. Mainly colleges but also high school’s, New England offers many great options at all levels giving a great opportunity to stay close to home after high school!. Colleges in New England are also so, so pretty!

Food   This applies especially to the summer, when we have a great seafood available to us, especially lobster, oysters, mussels and even the most recognizable, New England Clam Chowder.

Beaches   Once again this mainly applies to summer, but beaches in New England are beautiful at all times of the year! As you can tell from our blog name, Bella and I live along the shoreline and on one of our beaches there’s an awesome boardwalk! At one end of the boardwalk is this amazing greek cafe called The Greek Spot (they have the best french fries) and at the other end an ice cream shop, called Walnut Beach Creamery (my personal favorite is Salty Dog) which is also great. The beaches in Rhode Island are even better because they are located on the Pacific with much bigger waves. I love the town Watch Hill, which has recently turned to a tourist attraction because of Taylor Swift’s house there.


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